Once a year Edelman, the worlds largest independent Public Relations firm, publishes their global Trust Barometer. This global survey gauges attitudes on the state of Trust in business, government, NGO’s and media across 23 countries.

Like I wrote in my post last Friday Trust is the Holy Grail of social media. Thanks to the social web, consumers are more informed, more savvy but also more sceptical. If you can gain Trust, you’re more than half way to making your business succesful.

With that in mind take a look at this extract from the report:

What matters most for corporate communications

In short: the two most important factors for people to Trust businesses are 1) high quality products and services and 2) transparent and honest business practices.

In my experience, most businesses still focus heavily on promoting and selling their products and services instead of developing an open and transparent business practice.

My advice: if you want to gain Trust with your customers, prospects and stakeholders, start talking about who you really are as a company. Talk about your people, your processes, your customers service, etc.

A great way to do this is to start publishing. Start a blog!

Check out this blog post called ’10 Reasons for your business to blog’. Nearly ALL of these reasons help you build Trust and become more transparent. And that’s what your consumers want!

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