This morning I’m giving a presentation for the social media event organised by Onbegrensd Talent. More about Onbegrend Talent here (Dutch only).

The deck I’ll present is above. The purpose of my presentation is to help flip people’s headset.


Most business people today were born and bred in the age of mass communications. You advertise. They buy. The more you shout, the more they buy.

But the social web has changed the rules of doing business. On the social web, you can …

  • Reach people directly – one on one
  • But they are real people, not faceless mass markets
  • So you need to be social
  • Adopt a giving headset
  • And remember that every business has knowledge & expertise they can share
  • So if you want to build business on the social web
  • Become a publisher of optimised, valuable content
  • And drive people through their decision making process about you, your products & services

In a nutshell, doing business on the social web really means being social.

As the good book says: give  and you will receive!

Enjoy the presentation! And ehrr… sharing, downloading, retweeting and commenting is all allowed!

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