A business friend once said to me: “We are friends. And if you help me make money, I will help you make money. Then we stay friends.”

Yes – this is an ancient wisdom.

Quid Pro Quo. Apply it in business!

But in a web 2.0 world you don’t just need business friends.

You need real friends.

A real friend is a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.

These are the kind of friends you need on the social web.

So how do you make friends on the social web?

By giving!!

You need to add value. With everything you do. Really add value. Without an immediate forfeit.

If you want to lead your company in social media: loose “Quid Pro Quo”.

On the social web: you gotta give to get.

If you are still in “Quid Pro Quo” headset, you are likely thinking of social media as ‘something to tap into’. Try flipping that: let social media tap into YOU.


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