Last Tuesday was my one year blogging anniversary! (Yah!)

Right now I’m in the middle of doing a full analysis of traffic and engagement per blog post. I will share this data with you soon.

As I was going over all my old posts, I ran into this one dated February 7th: “Step into my office – a post about blogging and numbers”.

At the time I was blogging for 7 months, 3 posts a week and I was wondering if my blog’s 1.382 monthly visits (45 per day) could be qualified as ‘good’.

I wrote:

I’m now sitting in this little 5 x 5 square meter (270 square feet) office and I’m wondering: how many people would fit in here? I think these 45 people would just about fit!”

Wow! That’s my office, packed with people. Every day!!

I still like to visualise my blog traffic in that way. All these visits are real people.

But that was February. Now it’s 5 months later and I stuck with it. I wrote 3 posts a week – religiously.

And that’s pretty much all I did, with the exception of some shameless blog promotion.

Last month my blog received 5.961 visits. Here’s the year stats:

Michiel Gaasterland blog traffic year one

Hmmm… Not bad, methinks. In 5 months time my blog grew from 45 people per day, to about 192 per day.

I’m not sure if it’s related but we did just decide on a bigger office (see picture below). And I’m not even sure if all of you 192 peeps would fit in!

In any case: a huge thanks to you! I hope to keep seeing you on my blog. (oh – and subscribing IS an option!)

More details on facts ’n figures soon. It’s time for a blog revamp. Any suggestions are welcome!!

Below a picture of the new we do communications office:

we do communications - new office

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  • Femkegaasterland

    Waar is het nieuwe kantoor eigenlijk?

  • Kelly

     Congrats! I love how you image your visitors in your work space, so funny to think about! I recently launched for bloggers to share their story and learn about others.  I would love to hear what you have to say, especially since you’ve been blogging for a year! Keep it up!

    • MichielGaas

      Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for your comment!
      Checked your blog: like it!
      WIll definitely fly by one of these days in the comment sections.