Below is one of the most useful Content Marketing infographics I have seen to date. It’s put together by Eloqua an online ‘demand-generation’ company in the UK and designed by creative agency Jess3 in the US. (Sending kudos and some keyword rich anchor text their way as gratitude -  if you don’t know what I am talking about go here.)

The infographic tells you what types of content you can best use, based on your business objectives and your audience needs. It also indicates the key performance indicators for the different stages of the buying process.

Take a look, then check out my comment and a cliff-hanger below.

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If you have anything to do with social media, inbound or content marketing, you should be aware of what’s happening right now with SEO – one of the building blocks of doing business on the social web.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) simply means getting your site and content found by your customers and prospects. It used to be an IT geek thing. But it has become more and more a core business skill. SEO is the glue that keeps your online inbound and content marketing strategy together.

Recently some new stuff has started happening that has blurred the lines between SEO and social media.

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This morning I’m giving a presentation for the social media event organised by Onbegrensd Talent. More about Onbegrend Talent here (Dutch only).

The deck I’ll present is above. The purpose of my presentation is to help flip people’s headset.


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Social Search Today logoRecently I’ve written quite a bit about content curation: what it is, how to do it well, and new and existing tools to work with.

As you may have noticed, appears to be the hot new content curation tool. You may even be using it yourself. So what is it? Is it any good? And how can you get the best out of it? Here’s my take:

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Content curation gently stirredIn April I wrote a post called ‘What is Content Curation?’. I’m getting a lot of search engine traffic on it. It must be a hot topic.

I’m an advocate of content curation, but under one condition: it must be done well. It needs to be focussed on one specific area of expertise and only contain the highest quality content. I’d rather have my content gently stirred with 3 carefully selected olives. But it is easy to fall into the overkill trap.

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The titles of your blog posts are of great importance to draw people into your story. Your title either needs to be catchy, provocative, funny, promising or in other ways grab people’s attention and draw them into your blog post.

But you also want people to actually find your blog posts when they are searching in Google. For this you need to include the keywords you want to be found on in the title of your blog posts.

So, how do you write blog post titles that are both catchy for humans and attractive for search engines?

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Hi there,

I’m off camping with my family for a couple of days. My next post will be on Wednesday June 15.


Next month it will be one year ago that I’ve started publishing on this blog. By that time, I should have finished the revamp of my blog that I’m currently working on. I will also share my analysis of the results.

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As a marketer, I thought the era of putting asterixes behind special offers to your customers was sort of over.

I thought web 2.0, consumer power and customer advocacy kinda put an end to that.

But it seems that Linkedin, a web 2.0 company worth $9 Billion is still in the business of making misleading offers to their own customers.

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When you start a blog for your business or organisation, it can be hard to choose the right blogging platform because there is so much choice.

And a lot of these platforms are free too! Here’s a list of 23 free blogging plaforms + another 10 to top it off.

So, now what?

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Marketers and IT drowned catMarketers and IT is a bit like cats and water. Can’t live without it, but we certainly don’t want to take a swim in it either.

But now that SEO is a core business skill, you shall need to dip the techy waters just a little bit deeper than you would ideally want to :-/

But fear not. Help is on it’s way. There’s the internet. And it’s full of helpful people, sharing great knowledge.

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