Our tagline is ‘You are what you Publish’. Meaning that you need to publish great quality content to do business on the social web. And with Google’s recent Panda update to its algorithm, it’s clear they agree.

As we know, Google’s mission is to help get you, your customers, prospects and stakeholders better search engine results. In other words, give you better quality content – every time you search.

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Here’s a little tip I picked up this morning while reading this post on the SEOmoz daily blog:

Facebook now not only offers Insights for your Facebook Page but also for your own website!

This is great, because you can now not only see which of your website or blog content is being shared and clicked on, but you can also see the demographics of the people who shared your content! For instance:

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What is NofollowIt’s interesting to see that more and more marketing and communication people are showing an interest in SEO. I notice it because of the sometimes quite advanced questions I get.

One of the more advanced questions I’m most often asked is; “Should I make all my outgoing links Nofollow?

In this post I will try and clear up the sense and non-sense of Nofollow.

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Inbound marketing reasonsOne of the most important changes in the world of marketing over the past years, is the shift from outbound to inbound marketing.

Traditional outbound marketing strategies focus on finding customers. Examples of outbound marketing are TV advertising, print- and banner advertising, billboard campaigns, e-mail marketing, cold calling, etc.

Web 2.0 marketing strategies focus on customers finding you. Inbound marketing makes use of search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, and content marketing.

In 2011, you simply cannot afford to not have an inbound marketing strategy. Here’s why:

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SEO for PDFs How to optimise a PDFOn the social web, one of your first priorities is to get found. This goes for your website, your blog, your social media channels, your blog posts and – also for the PDFs you publish!

Why optimise?

When you publish PDFs, they can get indexed by search engines – just like a normal webpage. But if you don’t optimise them properly they will not rank very high in search results. Even worse; they might not get indexed and found at all!

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Radiohead are always an inspiration. This from a conversation between myself and Steve, my business partner, today;

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Hi y’all, back from my short break to Corfu in Greece. It was great :)

One of the first things I did when I arrived back was to check my Google Reader to see what I missed. While scanning through, I found this great post I thought I would share from Lee Oden.

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As a marketer, your number 1 objective for the social web is to get found, right?

If you want to get found you know you should optimise your content and your website. But! You should also optimise your social media channels. So, where to start?

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Since about two years already, YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world – straight after big daddy Google. In addition YouTube videos are also found directly in Google search result pages.

In order to get your videos found, make sure you optimise them to your keyword strategy!!

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Early February I wrote a post on how you can manually transfer your Facebook friends from your Personal Profile to your Business Page. A little bit later Facebook made it possible to move (convert, transfer or migrate) your friends to ‘Likes’ automatically.

After that post I was flooded with questions from people who all seemed to be experiencing difficulties and bugs while completing this conversion process.

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