Bottle of Champagne for JoelLast week, on my birthday I wrote a blog post about how to keep the blog post juice flowing. In it I posted one of my favourite images. It’s one I have on my wall at home.

Being a marketer, I thought I’d do a little competition, to see if anyone else knew where this image was from. It’s from a pretty rare Japanse import LP from The Band called “Moondog Matinee“.

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Some time ago I wrote about 10 reasons why your company should blog.

In this research from, they asked Chief Marketing Officers of US Fortune 1000 companies why they thought they should blog.

These were their answers:

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Coming up with a blog post today was tough. But once again, I managed. This one is maybe a little bit odd. But bear with me. It’s packed with value. It tells you how to write 3 blog posts a week. And maybe more.

Jook Joint

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