A YouTube channel is the place where you can display and organise the YouTube videos you publish.

Below a cool little video that explains how you can customize your YouTube channel! The video explains how to customize design, how to group videos thematically, add modules, etc.

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We started we do communications April 2009. In the couple of months before then we worked pretty hard on our positioning. We were trying to find a clear and easy way to position the value of content – and why you need to become a publisher on the social web.

Here is a screenshot of our very first attempt…

Publish or be damned

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UPC customer telepathyHi y’all. I dropped off the blogosphere for a week to do some skiing in Austria. Major recharge! I recommend it! ;-)

Here’s a quick personal story about customer service to the max: when I returned to Amsterdam, I found a letter on my doorstep from UPC – my cable company. I am a customer for TV, telephone and broadband (fibre) internet.

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Can't find a link you've sharedGoodmorning.

Here’s a little post to turn you on to a neat little online tool.

It’s called Trunk.ly.

What this online tool does is archive all the links you send out in social channels and makes them searchable.

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Companies that have bad customer service will never make it on the social web. Ehhrr… well actually – as you can see down at the bottom of this post – they can make it in reverse ;-)

Below you find a little clip of a great customer service prank in Belgium. The clip is in Dutch but has subtitles! (thanks for the tip Jeff)

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Glenn Cambell Like a Rhinestone CowboyI’m not a lawyer, but I do love music. From my first single ‘Like a RhineStone Cowboy’ by Glenn Cambell, to my latest craze Maserati, I never felt like I owned these songs. It always felt like I was using them.

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How to get found more on LinkedinNearly everyone I meet professionally has a Linkedin profile. Most of those people have a pretty complete profile including a picture, recent experience, etc.

But only very few seem to bother with putting the right keywords in their profiles.This means that your profile will not show up in search results within Linkedin.

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I am currently reading ‘The Trusted Advisor’. As Carl Stern Chairman of the Boston Consulting Group says, the book is “An invaluable road map to all those who seek to develop truly special relationships with their clients”. You can buy it here.

I am on Page 10.

Already I’m gaining great insights.

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Below a nice infographic done by… Microsoft (I thought they made software ;-)

It’s contains data from a UK survey of 731 mums in varous stages of motherhood as well as 111 pregnant women with internet access.

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Hi there!

I want to kick off the New Year with some food for thought.

From Good To Great by Jim Collins is one of my favourite business books. In it, Jim and his team identify ‘The Hedgehog Concept” as one of their key concepts for taking an organisation from good to great.

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