Through the eyes of GoogleA couple of months ago I did a blog post on how to check if your website is optimised for search engines.

Basically, you right click your mouse, select ‘view source code’ and search (Ctrl + F) for meta tags: if they ain’t there, you ain’t optimised.

But, as you have guessed there are more thorough ways of checking if your site is optimised for Google. The easiest is to start using a tool supplied by Google called Google Webmaster Tools!

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I thought I’d post a visual post to finish this week! So here’s 3 useful social media infographics I recommend you check out …

These images are just screenshots of details of the full image so you can see what’s in them. To get a complete and hi-res infographic, click on the links in the text.

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Unfollow inactive Twitter accountsAccording to a survey by RJMetrics, core Twitter users are very committed users, but interestingly, more than 80% of Twitter accounts are inactive.

So the chances are that you have quite a few inactive Twitter accounts in your Twitter following.

My view: they ain’t doing you any good. Might as well get rid of them!

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Bitly browser tool publish on Twitter frequentlyWhen you are actively marketing in social media by sharing valuable content, speed is often of the essence. You want to be able to share easily, simply, and quickly.

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Many people I know get their own personal Twitter channel because their employer has set one up for their company. It’s a great way in to start getting familiar with what it’s all about.

When we help clients become effective in social media we develop editorial plans for them – a plan of which content you need to publish to reach your business, marketing, PR or communications objectives.

But what if you want to start up a Twitter channel for yourself? What do you tweet about then?! Well, unless you are trying to set up your own business, you don’t need an editorial plan.

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You have probably noticed that you can integrate your Twitter account into your Linkedin profile. This means you can post your tweets in your LinkedIn profile.

If you choose to integrate your Twitter and Linkedin accounts, you have two choices:

1. Share all your tweets in your Linkedin status

2. Add the ‘#in’ hashtag to share only specific tweets

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Google Rankings no prize for fourth placeAs a marketer on the social web, one of your first objectives is to be found by your potential clients.

And since search engine Google has a market share of 98% in The Netherlands, your website needs to rank high in Google.

But as the graph below indicates, ranking high in Google is not good enough. Nearly 88% of the clicks on Google Page 1 go to the websites that are on first, second and third place!

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Optimising SlideshareMost clients I speak with have heard of Slideshare – the ‘YouTube’ for powerpoints – and some are even using it. But I haven’t met too many who optimise their Slideshare profiles to their keyword strategy.

Optimising means that people can then find your profile and presentations better in Google, or when they search from within Slideshare.

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Facebook page vanity URLMany companies nowadays have a Facebook page. But often they forget to claim their ‘vanity URL’.

When we started our Facebook Page, the URL of our Facebook Page looked like this:

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Chrome is fastDuring the last year Internet Explorer has lost market share to Google’s browser Chrome. This is not unexpected. The main reason for people switching browsers is:

Chrome loads web pages faster than other browsers!

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