Image with combined logo of the Firefox SEO plugin and Chrome SEO Extension In a recent post, I urged marketers to be more aware of the number of backlinks their site is getting from other sites. This is of crucial importance for your website’s performance in search engines.

In addition to monitoring your own’s site performance, you should also keep track of your online competition.

An easy way to work that into your routine is to make use of browser plugins or extensions.

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Last week, I discussed the joys of backlinks. Getting a link from another website, helps your website to be found. It also helps your website (or page) to rank higher in organic search engine results.

Sometimes we can even create backlinks ourselves. For instance by including a link to our profile pages on Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube or other social media channels. You would think that a backlink from these big boys would help your website to rank higher in search engines… Wrong :-( . So why is that?

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Ever wonder what it takes to start a movement? This insightful and entertaining TED Talk from Derek Silvers explains how to start a movement in under 3 minutes. WATCH IT!

What a great explaination of the ‘building-a-movement process’! I think it’s useful to just repeat and sketch out what Derek said here:

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