My own little bi-monthly experiment…

Last year July my business partner Steve published a document on Scribd called “Business leaders and social media: a 4 step strategy framework”. It’s a useful little document for business leaders who need to direct their teams in setting social media strategy.

As a matter of habit and experiment, I retweet a link to the document to my Twitter followers every other month or so. Five minutes later I can see that the number of reads on the document has jumped up. Over the course of 15 minutes the documents gets an additional 40 reads. Now bad considering I only have about 800 followers.

Goes to show that:

  1. Valuable content drives people to action; to click, read or download
  2. Online, valuable content such as this keeps it’s value over time
  3. Building a qualitative Twitter follower base is a great way to spread your ideas and drive traffic.

My plan is to:

  • Whip Steve to publish more valuable pieces of content.
  • Keep building a targeted, qualitative follower base on Twitter
  • Keep the experiment up & keep my blog readers posted on results.

Stay tuned!

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