After a speaking gig I am often asked for book tips. People are really eager to know more about ‘doing business on the social web’. They realise they need to change their headset from mass communications to targeted communications, from broadcasting to conversation, from interruption marketing to permission marketing, from keeping control to gaining influence, and so on.

Recently – during a visit to my local book store – I noticed that the ‘social media book section’ has exploded. So many books. So much choice. Where do you start?

Here’s 3 great books that will get you on your way …

3 books that will flip your headset to 2.0.

Seth Godin – Permission Marketing

Permission marketing by Seth GodinWeb 2.0? This book was released in May 1999! Legend has it that the term Web 2.0 was only coined a few months earlier by Darcy DiNucci. Still. If you haven’t read ‘Permission Marketing’ by Seth Godin, it is well worth the read.

The reason for including this title in these 3 book tips is because understanding the principle of ‘permission Vs interruption’ is crucial for succesful marketing on the social web. You can’t advertise your way to success anymore. You need to ask first!

Ordering this book can be done here (Amazon), here ( | English) and here ( | Dutch).

Alternatively, you can ask Seth to send you the first few chapters of the book here.

Reading his blog is also recommended.

Tara Hunt – The Whuffie Factor

The Whuffie Factor by Tara HuntOn the social web, you gotta give to get. It’s about giving. But you eventually also want something back. This book also talks about that.

The Whuffie Factor is about building up ‘social capital’. Popular translation: your outstanding credits in the communities you are a part of.

In essence it is an old principle. When you take care of your neighbours lawn, he will take care of you on the moment you are in need. This books explains how this principle works online.

Ordering this book can be done here (Amazon), here ( | English) and here ( | Dutch).

Tara’s blog here.

David Meerman Scott – The New Rules of Marketing & PR

The New Rules Of Marketing & PRThe New Rules of Marketing and PR is a very practical book. David Meerman Scott tells you how to use news releases, blogs, podcasts, viral marketing and social media to reach buyers directly.

The reason why I included this book in this list, is that Meerman Scott makes the case for content. Content is currency of the social web. And to prove that DM Scott has included quite a few case studies.

The book is written really snappy. You can read the whole thing from front to back or just flick through to the pages you like. Lot’s of valuable insights! Oh – and in case you are wondering: here’s a summary of the what exactly these new rules are.

Ordering this book can be done here (Amazon), here ( | English) and here ( | Dutch).

Alternatively, download a taster of an earlier e-book version here [PDF].

And here you find David’s blog Web Ink Now.

Happy reading ;-)

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