Funny. I still come across companies who do spend money on advertising and yet do not have a search engine optimised website!

I think this is simply stunning.

It means that they do spend money on finding customers, but they don’t spend money on making it easier for customers to find them.

It means these companies have missed out on one of the biggest opportunities of marketing on the social web: people are already searching for you!

These days people search, research, investigate, compare and look for recommendations from their friends – before they decide on a purchase.

According to this reseach by BIA/Kelsey, a whopping 97% of consumers research products online.

So, have you already thought of this scenario: your potential customer is considering buying from your competitor. This customer will now start researching this imminent purchase online. He will search for the same product as you sell

The question is: when a customer Googles your product or service…

Will this customer find you?

If you don’t know whether you are optimised, find out here: “Is my site optimised for search engines?

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