You can spend a lot of time deciding which RSS reader to use. But Google Reader is still the bomb. Google Reader is fast, easy to install, easy to use and has everything you are looking for.

So let’s get going! These are the steps you need to go through, to set-up your Google RSS Reader:

Setting up your Reader

  1. Sign up for a G-mail account
  2. Once you’re done, login to your G-mail
  3. Click ‘Reader’ in the upper left navigation of your G-mail screen
  4. You are now in your Reader.

Your Google Reader is now still empty. You subscribe to RSS feeds by clicking the RSS logo on news websites and blogs.

My blog is a good place to start ;-) Click here to subscribe!

Filling your Reader with some great content

To kick-start your Reader with some great blog content, please have a read of this article: “5 great social media blog to stick in your RSS reader“.

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