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About 18 months ago my partner Steve Seager and I started our business, we do communications. We help businesses sell their ideas, products and services on the social web.

Selling stuff in traditional media is one thing. But to do this on the social web is another. It takes a radically different view on things. You need to get out of the mass marketing headset and start thinking targeted.

How do you do this?

In a nutshell, you need to stop focusing on making noise, interrupting people, and demanding attention through traditional publicity & advertising, and start becoming more social.

How do you become social?

You can become more social by…

  • Connecting to customers, prospects and influencers in channels they value
  • Committing to help and inform your prospects and customers throughout their purchase decision cycle
  • Having conversations with them. Genuine, two way conversations ;)
  • Providing them with great content value instead of pitching them to death.

Doing business on the social web also demands different communication and business strategies. My business partner Steve talks often about this in his blog. But as we both know, strategy ain’t worth a damn without the tactics to make it happen. And that’s what my blog is about.

This blog will provide you with great tips, tricks, insights and practical advice on how to become a successful marketer on the social web.

I will be publishing regularly, so if you want to catch all of that make sure you subscribe via RSS here. If you don’t know what RSS is, check this out. If you want to set up a RSS Reader in 3 minutes flat, go here.

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PS – I have previously been blogging on Blogger. The blog posts I published there, are here in this blog as well.

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