Bottle of Champagne for JoelLast week, on my birthday I wrote a blog post about how to keep the blog post juice flowing. In it I posted one of my favourite images. It’s one I have on my wall at home.

Being a marketer, I thought I’d do a little competition, to see if anyone else knew where this image was from. It’s from a pretty rare Japanse import LP from The Band called “Moondog Matinee“.

I offered a bottle of fine champaign to the first person who could identify this image. I must admit, I didn’t really think this through ;-)

My blog is read now by about 4.000 people a month. These people are from more than 100 different countries. So that means my little competition could have ended up with me sending a bottle of champagne to anywhere from Japan to Alaska.

Still, being a man of my word a bottle of fine champagne will soon be winging it’s way to Joel Redman from Madison,  Wisconsin, USA.

It could have been worse I suppose ;-) But it’s great to have some personal contact with one of my readers. And it seems he is a The Band fan too!

Congratulations Joel!

I hope you like champagne and I hope the bottle makes it across the ocean in one piece!

All the best,


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